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Hailo S80 Profistep Duo (2-Section)

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Always on high!

This extension ladder really gets you high: from well over 5 metres to 9.51 metres, depending on the model! And you can adjust the rungs individually as well, thanks to Hailo‘s practical plug-in system. That means you‘ll always be working at the optimum height.

Two are better than one

You can also make two ladders out of this one. Useful if you get unexpected help while working round the house, and particularly when it comes to transport. ProfiStep® duo extension ladder - high safety!


  • Practical locking system for both parts with lifting mechanism for easy height adjustment
  • Wide uprights and rungs, extremely stable, double-beaded upright-rung joins
  • Crosspiece with 2 large, stable claw feet


  • Lifting and transport safety mechanism can be operated from one side, automatically engages after adjustment
  • 2 sturdy, wide locking hooks
  • Sturdy guide parts
  • Length and cross-profiled rungs
  • Non-slip surface contact feet
  • Upright surface textured to provide comfortable grip
  • Max. load capacity 150 kg


  • 2 x 9
  • 2 x 12
  • 2 x 15
  • 2 x 18


This product cannot currently be purchased.
Please contact our office on 061 221100 or for more info.
Hailo S80 Profistep Duo (2-Section)


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Steps Max. Working Height Weight Part No. Price
2 x 9 515 cm 9.4 kg 7209-007 €171.00
2 x 12 675 cm 13.5 kg 7212-007 €217.00
2 x 15 840 cm 20.2 kg 7215-007 €310.00
2 x 18 950 cm 25.6 kg 7218-007 €365.00

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