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Hailo Easy Clix Feet - Garden

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The right feet for every surface! Like vacuum cleaners, kitchen equipment or high pressure cleaners, there are also many different ways of using household ladders. That’s provided, of course, that they are properly and safely configured for the various purposes – which is why the materials used for the feet and their shape should suit the type of surface.

The large, disc-shaped EasyClix Garden Foot provides optimum stability, especially on soft ground. That’s all it takes to use an indoor household ladder outdoors as well.

Quick change in just 3 steps:

  • Attach the red clip to the end of the rail
  • Press the clip in and remove the foot
  • Click the new foot into place

Reliable stability on garden soil:

  • No sinking
  • Stands stable
  • Quick change
  • In compartment for easy access


This product cannot currently be purchased.
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Hailo Easy Clix Feet - Garden


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Name Description Size Storage Slots Clips Price
Medium 4 x EasyClix Garden Feet (4x 35mm) 1 1 €26.00
Large 4 x EasyClix Garden Feet (2x 43mm / 2x 35mm) 1 2 €26.00

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